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Thai Polyester Company (TPC) is a leading Polyester Fiber and Yarn manufacturer in Thailand. The company has proficiently provided a wide range of fiber and yarn products such as POY, FDY, DTY, staple fiber, and spun yarn in raw white, mélange, dope dyed, and yarn-dyed, especially for textile application to respond to the customer in different industries.

This led TPC into an expert in the polyester Fiber and yarn manufacturer, polyester staple fiber producer, polyester spun yarn manufacturer, polyester twist yarn supplier and Dope Dyed polyester yarn manufacturer.


TPC is also well known as a recycled polyester yarn supplier in both fiber and yarn. In addition, the company has developed a new product line called “EcoTPC” a Thai sustainable brand. It is originated from regenerated PET bottles, fabric and yarn waste into polyester yarn. All of the products are certified by GRS. Therefore, the customers can trace back on our recycled yarn and fiber composed of 100% post & pre-consumer depending on customer requirement.

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Thai Polyester Company supplies the customers worldwide, including knitting, weaving and garment factories in America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Our products are certified by international standards such as ISO 9001:2015, GRS and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® quality control.

According to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, a first-class product for baby articles, the inspection results have shown that these products comply with the human-ecological requirements of the currently established standard.

The company developed products considerably and became the top polyester yarn supplier for our customers worldwide.

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One-Stop Service

With long experience, the company has gained confidence from both local and global consumers. As a result, TPC is a one-stop service polyester yarn and fiber manufacturer with a capacity of 350,000 tons annually.

Furthermore, our manufacturer is landed on 800 Acres (3.2 Million Sq.m), situated at Ban Bung district, Chonburi province, 50 km away from Laem Chabang, Thailand main port, very convenient for our export customers.

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Your Priority is Our Intention


We produce a high-quality product with German technology and provide the best one-stop service. In addition, the company supplies various types of fibers and yarn in virgin and recycled. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Innovative Product

We emphasize our products through research and development by using up-to-date technology in all production processes to serve international consumers.

Quick Response

The most important thing in providing excellent customer service is responding promptly and understanding the customer’s requirements.

Competitive Price

Due to the high competition in the global market, we offer high-quality yarns at a reasonable price because we are one of the biggest vertical polyester yarn and fiber suppliers in Thailand.

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What we do
100% Virgin and Recycled Polyester


It’s produced by melting and extruding a polyester chip or flake, making directly from PTA and MEG by spinning and take-up, and it's primarily used in texturizing to create textured yarn (DTY).

Partially Oriented Yarn - POY
Partially Oriented Yarn - POY

It’s a highly drawn and capable of producing high-strength fabrics and also known as Polyester Filament Yarn (PFY) or Spin Draw Yarn (SDY). FDY is commonly used as a weft and weave fabric, it can also be knitted and woven with other filament yarn.

Fully Drawn Yarn - FDY
Fully Drawn Yarn – FDY

Is a filament yarn with a soft crimp, a high bulky textured with a soft cottony feel, and high durability. Draw Textured Yarn (DTY) yarn is obtained when Polyester POY is simultaneously twisted & drawn.

Draw Textured Yarn – DTY
Draw Textured Yarn – DTY
Twisted yarn

The process by which fibers are arranged around the axis of yarn is called yarn twist. It imparts strength to the yarn.

Twisted yarn
Twisted yarn
Dope Dyed Black

Is made by incorporating a masterbatch colorant into the polymer melt during the spinning or extrusion process. As a result, fully pigmented fibers and filaments emerge from the spinnerets in a single step.

Dope Dyed Black
Dope Dyed Black

directly from PTA & MEG or PET, with various uses in the textile, automotive and furniture industries. "Staple Fiber" often refers to natural fiber such as cotton or wool.

Polyester Staple Fiber – PSF
Polyester Staple Fiber – PSF

Ring spinning is a method of spinning textile fibers to make a yarn. This process provides a soft desirable fabric.

Ring spun
Ring spun
OE spun

Open-end spinning is a technology for creating yarn without using a spindle.

OE spun
OE spun


Zimmer AG Germany Thaipolyester


Our engineering production plant operates through Zimmer AG Germany to enhance the premium quality. The filament and textured yarn are developed with the latest application on German operation, Barmag, take-up. The company always selects modern and innovative technology equipment from Germany.

The state-of-art technology remarks us a reliable supplier and we serve the customers with TOP QUALITY.

Our Milestone

Year 2001

Signed contract with Zimmer AG, Germany and began construction.

Year 2003

Started production on 16 June with raw white polyester fiber.

Year 2005

Started fiber line-II , Mono filament, investment on Honest Logistic Co., Ltd.

Year 2006

Certified the quality system as a requirement of ISO9001:2000

Year 2007

Started new POY Line K, Mono textured Modified Line H = 8 end to 16 end.

Year 2008

Established a Modern PET Co., Ltd. to recycle PET bottles to recycled polyester.

Year 2009

Modified Line G,C,D 8 end to 16 end 2 winder in 1 position, Modified Line K to test produced dope-dyed.

Year 2010

Production of R-POY , R-PSF from PET bottle flakes.

Year 2011

Production of Dope dyed Line G , Investment on Masterbatch compound for launched Dope dyed polyester yarn.

Year 2012

Started producing recycled polyester Popcorn from in-house polyester waste for recycled made, Production of Doped dyed PSF.

Year 2013

Invested in a Biomass steam boiler for saving energy. Expanded production of dope dyed filament.

Year 2014

Recycled from "internal yarn waste."

Year 2015

Recycled from "internal fabric waste" with the GREEN project.

Year 2019

Launched a new brand, “ ECOTPC ”

Year 2021

Started new fiber line produce polyester staple fiber 1.0 Denier.

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