Monofilament Polyester Yarn

Monofilament yarn, also known as a single synthetic fiber filament, has become an essential material in diverse industries. It’s produced by melting and blending polymers and can be obtained through direct spinning or by splitting Mother Yarn. Offering exceptional versatility and properties, monofilament yarn has gained widespread use and is employed extensively in various applications.


Monofilament yarn possesses various properties that contribute to its versatility and extensive applications. It’s highly regarded for its exceptional strength, durability, uniformity, chemical resistance, low water absorption, lightweight, and heat resistance. However, it should be noted that due to its inherent strength, monofilament yarn may not be the optimal choice for the tightest and most efficient woven fabrics in the textile industry. This is because it may lack the necessary flexibility required for braiding processes.

monofilament machine

Monofilament yarn, a single-strand synthetic fiber known for its exceptional strength, durability, and smooth texture, is widely acclaimed for its versatility across various industries. Here are some applications of monofilament yarn:

monofilament machine
monofilament machine
monofilament thaipolyester

Thai Polyester Company (TPC) is the leading yarn manufacturer in the textile industry in Thailand, offering high-quality polyester fiber and yarn in both virgin and recycled. In addition, to cater to the needs of our customers in various industries worldwide, we provide a range of monofilament yarn with the following specifications:

20D/1 for raw white, both virgin and recycled

30D/1 for raw white, both virgin and recycled

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