Recycled Polyester to Zero Waste Fashion

Thu, Apr 04, 2024

Zero waste fashion addresses the environmental impact of the fashion industry through the use of sustainable materials and practices.

Polyester Melange Yarn

Tue, Sep 12, 2023

Polyester melange yarn is a highly regarded textile that effortlessly combines durability and aesthetic appeal, making it a coveted choice in the textile industry.

A Concise Guide to Polyester Yarn and Fiber Exploring Diverse Applications

Mon, Aug 21, 2023

Polyester yarn and fiber have experienced tremendous growth in popularity in recent years, thanks to their exceptional versatility and wide range of applications across various industries.

Functional Polyester Yarn

Thu, Jun 22, 2023

Functional polyester yarns are types of polyester yarn designed to provide specific performance characteristics for various applications.

Polyester Cross-profile yarn

Thu, Jun 15, 2023

is a functional yarn with a unique cross-sectional shape, delivering unparalleled benefits like superior moisture management and breathability.

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