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Polyester Yarn

Functional polyester yarns are types of polyester yarn designed to provide specific performance characteristics for various applications. Polyester is a famous textile material due to its durability, strength, and resistance to wrinkles and shrinking. However, functional polyester yarn takes these qualities a step further by adding features such as moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial properties, UV protection, and more.

Functional polyester yarns can be produced using various technologies, such as spinning, texturizing, twisting, or coating, depending on the desired properties. These yarns are used in various applications, including sportswear, outdoor clothing, and technical textiles, where their unique properties help enhance the end product's performance.

Functional polyester yarns have gained popularity due to their versatility and benefits in different industries. Here are some types of functional polyester yarn.

Polyester cross profile yarn Functional Polyester Yarn thaipolyester

Polyester cross-profile yarn

Polyester cross-profile yarn is a yarn that has a unique cross-sectional shape. This shape enables more air to pass through, keeping the user cooler and more comfortable. In addition to improved air permeability, polyester cross-profile yarns can also offer enhanced moisture-wicking properties and reduced pilling. These characteristics make them popular for various applications, including activewear, outdoor apparel, and home textiles. Furthermore, it can be combined with other materials, such as spandex or nylon, to create more stretchiness, durability, and breathability.

Polyester anti-bacterial yarn

Polyester anti bacterial yarn Functional Polyester Yarn Thaipolyester

Polyester anti-bacterial yarn is treated with anti-bacterial agents during the manufacturing process. These agents are designed to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microbes on the yarn surfaces, which can help to reduce odors and prevent the spread of germs. These yarns are commonly used in producing various textiles, such as clothing, bedding, and towels, where hygiene is a concern.

Polyester anti-bacterial yarn is also utilized in medical and healthcare settings with a high risk of infection. In addition, by using anti-bacterial yarn, the need for harsh chemicals and
anti-bacterial agents can be reduced, leading to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly textile industry.

Functional Polyester Yarn Product Thaipolyester

Polyester anti-static yarn

Polyester anti-static yarn is a type of polyester yarn treated with anti-static agents to eliminate or reduce the buildup of static electricity in textiles. Static electricity can be problematic in synthetic fabrics, as they build up electrical charges quickly. This can cause discomfort, such as static cling or static shocks, and can also attract dust and debris to the fabric, making it appear dirty and unkempt.

Polyester anti-static yarn is a flexible material that improves comfort and safety in various applications. Clothing, such as shirts, dresses, and suits, prevents static buildup in dry climates or winter. For home textiles like carpets and upholstery, it minimizes static buildup and prevents debris accumulation. Industrial and medical textiles use it to safeguard sensitive equipment from damage and prevent static buildup that could cause sparks and potential fire or explosion risks.

Polyester anti static yarn Functional Polyester Yarn Thaipolyester

Polyester UV-resistant yarn

Polyester UV resistant yarn Functional Polyester Yarn Thaipolyester

Polyester UV-resistant yarn is treated to withstand the impacts of UV rays from the sun. In addition, the yarn is designed to prevent the degradation of the fibers caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight, which can cause fading, discoloration, and fabric weakening.

Polyester UV-resistant yarn is commonly used in producing outdoor textiles such as awnings, tents, and outdoor furniture covers, as well as in clothing and swimwear. It has various advantages, such as its durability, resistance to fading and discoloration, and ability to maintain its color and shape even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Polyester flame-retardant yarn

Polyester flame-retardant yarn is treated with chemical agents. These chemical agents work by preventing or delaying the ignition of the yarn, which can help reduce the fire risk.

Industries such as home textiles, automotive, and aviation have specific safety that their products must meet standards. Polyester
flame-retardant yarn is an effective solution to help manufacturers comply with these regulations. This type of yarn is frequently used in producing textiles, including curtains, upholstery, and clothing, especially in atmospheres where fire safety is a concern, such as public buildings, transportation, and homes.

Polyester flame retardant yarn Functional Polyester Yarn Thaipolyester

Polyester UV-resistant yarn

Polyester water repellent yarn Functional Polyester Yarn Thaipolyester

Polyester water-repellent yarn is treated to resist the absorption of water. The treatment involves applying a water-repellent coating or finish to the surface of the yarns, which causes water to bead up and roll off the fabric's surface rather than being absorbed.

These yarns are commonly used in producing outdoor textiles, including raincoats, tents, and umbrellas, as well as in accessories such as backpacks and handbags. Polyester water-repellent yarns have several benefits, such as their durability, quick drying, and resistance to water damage that causes staining, weakening, and color fading.

Polyester thermo-regulation yarn

Polyester thermo-regulation yarn is created by blending various polyester fibers with distinct properties to reach the desired
thermo-regulation effect. The yarn is engineered to regulate body temperature by absorbing, storing, and releasing heat. This is achieved by embedding microcapsules within the fiber that contain a special phase-change material. These microcapsules can absorb and release heat depending on the temperature.

The yarn is popularly used in producing activewear, sportswear, outdoor clothing, bedding, and other home textiles due to its
moisture-wicking properties and ability to provide comfort across various temperatures.

Polyester thermo regulation yarn Functional Polyester Yarn Thaipolyester

Polyester far infrared yarns

Polyester far infrared yarns Functional Polyester Yarn Thaipolyester

Polyester far infrared yarn contains ceramic powder that emits
far-infrared radiation when exposed to body heat or sunlight. This type of electromagnetic radiation has a longer wavelength than visible light and can penetrate deeper into the skin and tissues, promoting blood circulation, cell growth and regeneration, and reducing pain and inflammation.

Polyester far infrared yarn is commonly used to produce clothing, bedding, and other textiles. It's popular in the healthcare industry for its therapeutic properties and is utilized in products such as socks, gloves, and joint supports. Additionally, it's used in sportswear to enhance athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Overall, functional polyester yarns are versatile and customizable, making them an excellent choice among manufacturers and designers looking to improve the performance of textiles in various industries. In addition, the yarns offer numerous benefits, such as moisture management, UV resistance, water repellent, anti-static, and more. This flexibility and functionality make functional polyester yarns an innovative and valuable solution in the textile industry.

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