Man-made fibers have been researched and developed by scientists to increase their efficiency, properties, benefits, and be used as a substitute for natural fibers.

In the early stages, the fiber is made from a plant's cellulose called "Regenerated fiber" which has been polymerized by a chemical process, then passes through a spinning process to make fiber.

Currently, there is a new type of man-made fiber called "Synthetic fiber" made from petrochemical products.

Type of Man-made fibers
Regenerated fiber


1. Rayon

Rayon is a regenerated cellulose fiber that has been made to be used as a substitute for silk. It is sometimes called artificial silk due to its silk-like appearance and properties.

Man-made fibers Desktop Rayon


Acetate is considered a semi-synthetic made of cellulose filaments from wood pulp in trees. The fiber is regularly used to produce clothing and accessories due to its smoothness, and sheen-like silk.

Synthetic fiber


4. Polyester

Polyester is the World's most famous textile product. It is derived from a chemical reaction involving petroleum, air, and water. Polyester is widely used in various industries, including garment, interior decoration, automotive, home textile, soft toys, accessories, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Man-made fibers
Advantages of Man-made fibers

Disadvantages of Man-made fibers

Low heat-resistant

Low heat-resistant

Man-made fibers have low heat-resistant and catch fire more quickly and easily than natural fibers. It's not good to use clothes made from man-made fibers while working near a fire, such as in the kitchen. Furthermore, the fibers require much attention while washing and ironing because excessive heat in hot water and iron can damage their structure.

Uncomfortable wearing

Uncomfortable wearing

Most man-made fibers are unbreathable and absorb little moisture. Therefore, clothes made from man-made fibers become sticky and uncomfortable to wear when the body sweats. These make man-made fiber clothes are not suitable for wearing during hot weather.

Man-made fibers are a great alternative to natural fibers. These fibers have a variety of properties that make them ideal for many kinds of applications. In general, man-made fibers are strong, durable, and have a variety of colors and textures that can be customized to meet customer needs. However, they can sometimes be less comfortable to wear and may not be as breathable as natural fibers.

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