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Fashion can be considered tangible and intangible when it occurs and is accepted in different groups of people or societies. Fashion generally meets the needs of society such as social status, faith, personal needs, or relieving feeling; it has a powerful prototype to get an acceptable and compliance which can change trending from a small group of people. Some fashion can create a big impact on the world trending and create a market movement in a period.

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Global warming has played a significant international trend for decades. This issue is related to everyone as we are seriously concerned about environmental problems, including pollution, emissions of carbon dioxide, and greenhouse gases, to protect the eco-system and the environment. Thus, saving the environment with sustainable development has recently become one of the most vital clothing trends.

Nowadays, polyester is one of the most used fabric types in the textile industry due to its advantageous characteristics. Many clothing manufacturers tend to create sustainable fashion for socializing responsibility and environment friendly by using recycled material in the production process. Recycled polyester is a strong alternative and sustainable option to virgin polyester since the production does not depend on non-renewable sources as a raw material.

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Once recycling trends occur, many global clothing brands develop and promote recycled polyester fabric to produce their clothes. These recycled trends directly impact polyester suppliers. They have to meet customers’ needs and market trends by developing the polyester waste recycling process and registering recycled polyester yarn manufacturers in their area.

Yarn waste can be used in recycled yarn production, and PET bottle is considered the main raw material of the recycling process. Using post-consumer like PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic bottles and post-industrial like yarn waste decreases overall carbon footprint and saves energy and natural resources such as crude oil and natural gas. Not too long after recycled PET bottle yarn is discovered, the recycled PET yarn manufacturers and recycled polyester yarn manufacturers have been integrated and produced more recycled polyester yarn than before and continue increasing.

The recycled raw material has been used to produce recycled polyester yarn and recycled polyester staple fiber. Recycled polyester is obtained by melting down PET plastic bottles and re-spinning it into recycled polyester staple fiber. The recycled polyester fiber is the raw material of spun yarn production used in sock, carpet, sweater, and fabric production.

Compared to virgin polyester, the recycled polyester fabric offers similar properties, which contain advantages of durable, lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, quick-dry, elasticity, colorfastness and stain-resistant as virgin polyester. However, due to its production process and raw material, recycled polyester fabric benefits from being sustainable and eco-friendly to the world. Therefore, using recycled polyester is a significant value-added to the company and positively impacts brand images compared to others.

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Recycled polyester clothing has become more famous in many countries recently. Most of the global clothing brands have a similar business direction and recycling has been one of their main directions. Have you ever tried any clothes made from recycled polyester fabric? If the answer is no, you can start looking at some small type of recycled clothes during this recycled fashion period. You don’t want anyone to look at you as an out-of-fashion person?

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